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Henan Guoguang printing materials Co., LTD

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. was established on December 5, 2003 according to the corresponding reform requirements of Zhongyuan Publishing Media Group。The main business scope is the sales of printing equipment, ink, wool cloth, paper, pulp, plastic printing film, paint, wood pulp, paper products, papermaking raw and auxiliary materials, chemical products, etc. The registered address is No. 35, Jingbei Second Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, with a registered capital of 35 million yuan。

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. is a large scale printing materials distribution enterprise in the province, serving the printing and light industry packaging industry。In accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system, the enterprise has actively improved the corporate governance structure, clarified the functions, streamlined the organization, and streamlined the team, established a lean, efficient, coordinated and orderly internal management system, and formed a relatively complete capital operation budget, business objective assessment, reward and punishment incentive mechanism。

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. consists of social paper department, publishing paper department and printing equipment department three operating departments and financial office comprehensive department。

  Among them: The Social Paper Department is mainly responsible for the province, while involving the nationwide sales of paper, papermaking raw and auxiliary materials and papermaking chemical products, the business scope includes: high and middle grade coated paper, matte paper, double adhesive paper, pure paper, light paper, light coated paper, kraft wrapping paper, tissue paper - tissue paper。As the main channel of paper supply in the province's printing materials products,At present, it has established a good close cooperative relationship with many enterprises such as Golden Paper, Zixing Paper, Huatai Paper, Chenming Paper, Sun Paper, Shandong Quanlin and so on,The introduction of its own brand "Connie Baby" super soft life paper series,Meanwhile, Huatai SPCO and Shandong Quanlin have acquired the agency rights in Henan Province。

  The Publishing Paper Department mainly serves the publishing houses within the Group company, and is engaged in the supply of teaching materials and printing paper for this edition of books in the province. The completion of this political task involving primary and secondary school students in the province before class is the top priority of the publishing Department。

  The printing equipment Department is mainly responsible for the sales of printing equipment, ink and other related printing materials in the province. At present, it has established a good close cooperative relationship with many domestic enterprises such as Tianjin Dongyang, Shanghai DIC, Henan Huaguang, Wuxi Wanli, and obtained the agent qualification in Henan Province。

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. in accordance with modern management methods, after years of market-oriented sales management training, now has a mature market and sales network and professional talents and other advantages。It is manifested in:

1.Brand advantage

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. with state-owned old brand advantage,In Henan Province printing materials sales industry in a higher position,With the continuous improvement and development of the company's operating mechanism,Scientific performance appraisal system and customer credit management system are used,Adopt the distribution mechanism of more work, more pay,It combines the characteristics of excellent assets, light burden and high per capita work efficiency,The influence of enterprises is increasing day by day,Huge potential for development。

2.Regional advantage

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is 22 kilometers away from Zhengzhou International Airport in the south and Zhengzhou Highway Logistics Center in the north.5 km, east from the central CBD area of Zhengdong New District 3 km, west from the national first-class railway port Zhengzhou Railway East Station 2 km, highway freight center station 1.5 km, the zone has set up the Ministry of Railways planning and construction of Zhengzhou railway container freight center station。Beijing-zhuhai Expressway, airport expressway, 310 National Highway, 107 National Highway and Ring Expressway crisscross the development zone, forming a three-dimensional traffic network extending in all directions。Starting from the economic development zone, through the highway, you can reach all important cities in Henan Province within 3 hours, which is convenient for our company to enter and exit logistics in multiple directions。

3.Source organization advantage

  The customer resources of commodity circulation enterprises are directly related to the survival of enterprises and the speed of capital turnover。Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. has inherited the customer and supplier resources of Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD., and has sufficient competitiveness in the market in terms of commodity prices, warehousing, transportation and other logistics costs。

4.Management advantage

  Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. pays special attention to the construction of the system,In recent years, it has begun from collectivization, materialization, corporatization, marketization and informatization,Vigorously promote the development of a modern enterprise system,A relatively perfect internal management system has been developed,A reasonable corporate governance structure has been established,Improve the efficiency of the company's business decision,Effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of employees and managers,Enhanced the sense of responsibility。The company has a strong sense of reform and innovation, clear thinking, quick thinking, dedication and high sense of responsibility, with strong decision-making and management ability of the management team;Have a reasonable professional mix, solid professional skills, pragmatic and hard-working marketing personnel team;We have a stable staff who love the enterprise, are willing to endure hardships and are willing to contribute。It is the full cooperation of each member of these three teams that the business performance of the company has maintained a good momentum of growth after the establishment of Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., Ltd. with its own strong advantages, through continuous efforts and development, will usher in a better tomorrow!

Company address: No. 35 Jingbei Second Road, Zhengzhou City

Social Paper Department:0371-6200302062003021

Publishing Paper Department:0371-62003022

Printing Equipment Department: 0371-6200302562003035

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