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Shenzhen Toli is my home to build and share by everyone

On the morning of April 18, Xinhua Materials Group Shenzhen Toli Company organized all party members, party activists, department heads and other 13 people to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the staff restaurant and kitchen。

Materials Group organized all employees to carry out internal control system online learning and testing activities

In order to improve business quality, prevent business risks, and achieve high-quality and efficient development of the company, on February 23, the company organized all employees to carry out online learning and testing activities of internal control system。

Improve quality and efficiency to expand the market, really grasp the pragmatic and promote development -- Henan Guoguang Company to improve quality and efficiency side note

Henan Guoguang Company, a subsidiary of the materials Group, earnestly implements the group's policy, closely fits the development strategy of the materials group, actively expands the sales market, extends the business sales chain, integrates resources, seeks new changes, and does practical things to complete the annual business indicators。”

Dog days, these figures deserve to be remembered - Material Group material support work side note

The hot sun is burning, the heat is steaming, the front-line staff of the material Group logistics center still insist on fighting in the front line, facing the high temperature and fighting the heat, and carrying out the supply of teaching materials printing paper with quality and quantity。

Henan Xinhua Materials Group held a seminar on "Enterprise Contract Management and Risk Prevention and control training"

In order to further do a good job in enterprise contract management and enhance the company's employees' awareness of risk prevention and control during contract signing and performance, on the morning of June 28, 2019, the Legal Department of Xinhua Materials Group brought a wonderful special training to the company's leaders and employees。

Deepening reform stimulates vitality

The reform of three systems of Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD。

Roll up your sleeves, refuel, repack and set out

-- Xinhua Materials Group successfully held the 2018 "Corporate Culture Week" activity  。

Achieve the future

Fortunately, I came to the company with such enthusiasm。Four years of training and sharpening let me gradually grow up from a little girl who does not know the world, like a weak sapling, no gardener's careful care where there is a chance to grow into a towering tree, the company for me is a step by step to help me grow the gardener, it sees me grow, I see it strong, we are proud of each other。 In today's era, changes with each passing day, the horn of reform is blowing in bursts, although I have no rich experience in the workplace, nor a considerable height to vertical and horizontal analysis, at the critical moment of transformation and upgrading, I only stand in a small Angle to share my experience, not

In 2018, the 7th Publishing paper system staff basketball friendly competition

In order to deepen the exchanges between the publishing materials groups in various provinces, inherit and carry forward the good relationship of mutual assistance and co-construction, and achieve joint development and win-win cooperation between the groups。 From October 22 to 25, 2018, the 7th staff Basketball Friendly Competition of the Publishing Paper System kicked off in Nanchang Provincial Sports Center, Jiangxi Province。

Henan Xinhua Materials Group fire training and fire drill activities

In order to strengthen the safety education of the group company, improve the staff's safety production responsibility, fire safety skills and emergency response capacity。On the morning of "Fire Safety Day" on November 9, 2017, fire education training and fire drill were organized under the careful deployment of company leaders and strong support of employees。  

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