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Development course

In August, Henan Publishing Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was merged into Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD。
In May, we invested in the construction of materials trade base project of Zhongyuan Digital Printing Industrial Park, integrated related publishing materials trade resources inside and outside the company, expanded new technologies and new concepts for industrial development, and gradually promoted the transformation and upgrading of materials trade business。
On April 9, Henan Toli Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was established to carry out domestic and foreign trade, cooperative production, transit trade and other business projects。
In June, Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of RMB 25 million。
In January, according to the strategy of group development, Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., Ltd. was officially listed with the former Henan Provincial Printing Materials Corporation as the core。
In March, in order to integrate assets, enliven operations and improve operational efficiency, the company moved to the National Economic and Technological Development Zone office in Zhengzhou。The original office address and the whole warehouse of five roads are leased。
In December, the two subsidiaries of printing materials and paper industry were integrated to establish Henan Guoguang Printing Materials Co., LTD., with the management of social paper and printing supplies as the main business, the implementation of independent accounting and independent management。
In April, invested and held Beijing Huilin Holding Company to develop the paper market in Beijing region。
Henan printing Materials Exhibition Center was built and put into use in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone。The center covers an area of 66 acres, the warehouse and exhibition area of 16,800 square meters, there are 200 international standard booths。
Shenzhen Toli Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in paper business。
In February, the new comprehensive warehouse building was completed and put into use, with a construction area of 5,000 square meters。In March, with the approval of the provincial Press and publication Bureau, Henan Printing Materials Company was renamed as Henan Printing Materials Corporation, and the internal business organization was reformed, and five secondary accounting units were set up: machinery and equipment branch, equipment distribution branch, ink distribution branch, paper distribution branch and screen distribution branch。
In June, the No. 2 paper warehouse with a construction area of 4,320 square meters was completed and put into use, and can store 3,100 tons of paper。
In February, the No. 1 paper warehouse with a construction area of 4,680 square meters was completed and put into use, with a capacity of 3,300 tons of paper。
In August, approved by the editorial board of Henan Province, Henan Printing Materials Supply Station was renamed Henan Printing Materials Company。

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