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First, equipment general agent product introduction:

序号 manufacturer Main products and models
1 Changchun Printing Machinery Co., LTD Programmed paper cutter:
QZKX Series 920/1300/1370,
QZKA Series 920/1300/1370,
QZKC Series 920/1300/1370/1550,
Loading machine, running machine, unloading machine,
ZFQ1400/ZFQ1650 web slitting machine
2 Changsha Otto Machinery Co., LTD Hybrid (Mechanical/electric knife) folding machine:
ZYH670-4JZH ZYH780-4JZH,
Automatic wire locking machine, vertical flattening receiving machine, stacking flattening machine
3 Harbin three ring printing and packaging machinery Co., LTD Offset printing machine: two-color two-sided printing machine
Two sided lithographic press
4 Zhejiang Zhengrun Machinery Co., LTD Automatic carton forming machine (automatic lid box making machine),
Automatic (high-speed, intelligent) cover machine (automatic book case machine),
Automatic wine bag production line equipment, automatic unilateral folding machine, automatic corner machine, automatic corner sticking machine, automatic cardboard box machine, cardboard slitting machine, center strip slitting machine, automatic slotting machine, carton corner sticking machine
5 Hangzhou Kray electromechanical industry Co., LTD EZcolor intelligent printing system, CTP digital direct platemaking machine series, digital flexo imager

Ii. Distribution equipment category:

Prepress equipment CTP platemaking system, desktop text and image processing system, printing machine, copy machine, proof machine, platemaking machine, punching machine, flexible platemaking system, scanner, printer, laser phototypesetter, etc。
Printing equipment Monochrome, multi-color printing machine, computer form printing machine, light printing equipment, self-adhesive printing machine, digital printing machine, gravure, letterpress, flexo printing machine, pad printing machine, trademark printing machine, screen printing machine, etc。
Post-press and packaging equipment Paper cutting machine, binding machine, horse riding linkage line, binding linkage line, locking machine, binding machine, laminating machine, box pasting machine, folding machine, glazing machine, card mounting machine, automatic veneer machine, automatic flat pressing die cutting machine, indentation machine, hot stamping machine, baler, glue machine, calendar binding equipment, carton equipment, etc

Third, some cooperative equipment manufacturers and products:

Product category manufacturer Main product
Offset rotary printing equipment Beiren Intelligence, Shanghai Gauss, Wuxi Baonan 1. Book rotary machine BEIREN B787/B598/B624
2, Newspaper rotary BEIREN 45A/40A(B)/70A/75A
Offset sheet press Rugao Changsheng, Rugao Luo, Jiangxi scenery 1040 folio (monochrome, two-color) double-sided printing machine, 920 folio (monochrome, two-color) double-sided printing machine, quarto (four/five) color printing machine,
Screen, flexographic, trademark printing equipment Zhejiang strong leopard, Yutian Wanjie Screen printing machine, screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, UV solid machine, flexographic printing machine, trademark printing machine
Post-printing auxiliary equipment Zhejiang Guowang, Zhejiang Huayue, Zhejiang Guowei, Baishan Light industry, Wenzhou Tianming, Wenzhou Ruilong Program-controlled cutting machine, unloading machine, taking machine, turning machine, lifting machine, end knife grinder
After-work equipment for books Shenzhen precision Da, Shanghai Rui Guang Oval binding machine, binding linkage line, high speed page dispensing machine, three side book cutting machine
Huainan Huasengxin, Huainan Xinyongsheng, Huainan Xinyuan Horse linkage binding, punching machine, ring pressing machine, glue machine, corner cutting machine, slotting machine, flattening machine, paper receiving machine, double coil machine, etc
Post-packaging equipment Yutian Zhongbo, Zhejiang Guowang, Zhejiang Dayuan, Tangshan Pioneer, Tangshan Hengfeng, Ruian Baolong, Ruian ORR, Yutian Chengyuan Automatic die cutting, deep embossing, hot stamping machine, program-controlled paper cutting machine, web slitter machine, high-speed servo double hob web slitter machine
Hangzhou Kangdexin, Wenzhou Guangming, Shanghai Tiancen, Ruian Warwick, Ruian Jialite, Zhejiang Fengming, Yutian Sida, Yutian Shengtian, Wenzhou Yongshun, Wenzhou Liming, Shanghai Dragen Semi-automatic laminating machine, automatic inkjet machine, semi-automatic (chain knife, hot knife) laminating machine, automatic double-sided laminating machine, automatic roll-to-roll laminating machine, automatic embossing laminating machine
Qingdao Meiguang, Wenzhou Yongbang, Yutian Jinwei Da, Yutian Juxing, Yutian Kesida, Ruian Dongzhou High-speed surfacing stacking machine, high-speed automatic surfacing machine, high-speed turning stacking machine, automatic gluing machine, carton printing and forming production line
浙江正润、浙江中科、浙江欣炜、温州科强 Automatic cover box forming machine, automatic shell machine, gluing machine, folding double side machine, folding single side machine, automatic corner box forming machine
Yutian Ding Yu, Yutian new union Automatic window Posting machine, automatic right Angle window Posting machine
Yutian Jiajie, Yutian Jinwei Da, Wenzhou Hongsheng Automatic paste box machine, automatic gluing box machine, automatic binding machine
Wenzhou Zhengbo, Wenzhou Boshicheng, Wenzhou Cologne Sheet-type automatic bag making machine, sheet-type bag paste tube machine, sheet-type bag paste bottom machine
Dongguan Xinchenshun, Zhejiang Xinluo High-speed automatic multi-function folding box machine, high-speed Taobao/post carton box machine
Printing environmental protection treatment equipment Beijing Esman VOC waste gas treatment equipment, water purification and treatment equipment
Other equipment Jinhua Gaobo, Jinhua Shengchang, Ryan Dongteng, Wenzhou Wang Pai Web high-speed flexo printing wireless cold binding linkage production line, web high-speed naked eye wire nail riding nail linkage production line, web high-speed flexo slitting machine, automatic computer high-speed gravure printing machine (film), automatic printing composite machine, automatic web flat pressing die cutting indentation machine, automatic aluminum film balloon machine, A4/A3 copy paper slitting and packaging machine, high-speed automatic automatic (soft)Pumping, box pumping, toilet paper, napkins) packaging production equipment

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